Jammy Pilgrims

So some of you will have heard about Jammy Dodgers when we go home we are thinking of a new line of biscuits Jammy Pilgrims!
This morning we got up early 5:30am, partially because we had a very long walk ahead, our longest so far, over 30km and partly because there was a chance of rain. We were out of Logroño before the sun came up and made our breakfast stop at Navarette. 

We didn’t delay too long and reached the optional detour to Ventosa around 12:30, the detour made a long day slightly longer but even a small extra distance can have an effect! In the end we tossed a coin and decided to make the detour. We reached Ventosa and were having lunch on the covered patio at the local cafe as the heavens opened. Needless to say we were slow about moving on until it stopped and stop it did. 

As we went over the next hill we could see our destination, the town of Nájera in the distance and the huge rain front baring down on us from the mountains, onward we trudged in glorious sunshine fairly confident that a drenching was in our future but by some miracle we made our hostel for the night as the first sprinkles of rain fell, we are sitting here in our room enjoying the free bottle of red wine given to us by the host at check in and listening to the torrential rain, thunder and lightening outside and watching a river of rain run down the street outside!! It doesn’t get more jammy than that.

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