Dining on the Camino

In the evenings we usually go out to dinner, although some hostels have cooking facilities, getting all your ducks in a row to bring a meal to the table can be logistically challenging. If you are late arriving to a village the small grocery shop will close at 2pm and not open again until some time in the evening, if at all. Then you need to get the right ingredients and make sure the kitchen has sufficient equipment to make whatever it is you are planning. 
An excellent alternative is the pilgrim menu. Along the Camino route there will be cafes and/or restaurants in the village or town offering a ‘pilgrim menu’. You’ll probably have heard me mention it before. The pilgrim menu is offered usually from 6pm or 7pm in the evening perfect for the pilgrim who needs an early night and can’t wait for typical Spanish evening dining time at 10pm. These evening meals can be a great way to socialize and meet other pilgrims. 

The menu will have an assortment of choices for first and second courses, which are like two small main courses, rather than starter and main course, dessert, wine, water and bread all included for about €9-12 per person. Great value whatever way you look at it. 

With all the calories we are burning daily, between 3,000-4,000 we aren’t too concerned with eating a three course meal each evening, we are basically fueling the tank for the 5-7 hours of walking with an additional 18lb backpack on our backs. 

Bon appetite!

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