Heart Warming Encounters

A simple encounter at a hostel cafe in a small village called Rabé de las Calzadas about half way through our morning walk touched me in a special way.

We normally take a longer break mid way through the walking day and today it was misty and cold so we decided to sit inside. The cafe owner greeted us like we were family home for the weekend, he wanted to know where we had walked from and where we were from, then pointed out with pride the place on his huge notice board of notes and memorabilia from Irish and German pilgrims.

We ordered coffee and croissants and the owner served them and also brought two small bowl of a local soup and bread for us to enjoy, perfect to warm the body on a cold day. We sat there and observed pilgrims as they came and went and the genuine warmth of the welcome for all the pilgrims was wonderful. 

When we went to pay and get our pilgrim passport/credincial stamped he handed each of us a small medal of Our Lady to bless our journey. I am continually moved by the kind generous nature of the local people we meet and how they go out of their way to support and encourage us pilgrims in our endeavor. 

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