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  1. Monica Dolan
    Monica Dolan December 31, 2016 at 11:29 am | | Reply

    Hi Catherine, have a look at Liana Shanti’s page on Facebook- RawganicVegan. and the website rawganic.com. She researches everything carefully and I think her approach is worth a look. She’s very intense and dedicated to the cause, but I’ve picked up lots of useful tips from her. I’m not vegan by the way, but I have benefitted from her advice and recipes. Hopefully some day I will become vegan, as I do think it’s the right way to go. You will encourage and inspire many folk Catherine on your journey, including me! Good luck, I admire your courage. Warmest regards, Monica.

  2. Christine Smedley
    Christine Smedley December 31, 2016 at 10:45 am | | Reply

    Dear Catherine, have you tried the Ap My Fitness Pal? James, Richard and I all
    do it from time to time and find it really helpful to know what you are eating too
    much of (in my case sugar is always over the top). I also find a good alkali breakfast,like
    porridge is good to start off the day as it means that you can eat small at lunch
    and dinner. Just eat on a side plate. Never give yourself a large plate. I know
    that cutting downs carbs and sugars is the answer but I struggle with the
    Sugars. I have found weight watchers helpful and, one you get into that
    routine, that is good. Also, watch the calories in drinks. I feel very well and fit
    in Florida. Right now, I have bronchitis and feel awful! Good luck and we will all
    be here to give you support. Love Christine

  3. Janet
    Janet December 31, 2016 at 12:58 am | | Reply

    Fantastic! Good for you and I think we all struggle with it in our own way. I’ve heard that some blood types respond in different ways to different foods I.e. For one person a plant/fish based diet is morw effective while someone else responds better to meats and dairy. Haven’t looked into it but seems interesting. Currently I am “trying” the 4-5 small meals a day thing of 34g protein, 24g carbs and 7g fat per meal (based on my body weight). It’s completely changed the way I eat but finding it hard to eat that much and rev up the metabolism. Good luck and wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017!!

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