What a Difference a Day/New Shoes Make

So if there was ever evidence needed that I have a huge stubborn streak running straight up my middle the last few days would indeed be proof!

After my visit to the hospital I returned to the hotel in socks as I was unable to put on even my sandals. I retired to my room with lots of water, analgesia, cushions to elevate my feet and a large helping of day time television.

24 hours later though still tender I was feeling remarkably better and I had hatched a new plan. I redressed my wounds and strolled slowly to the nearest coffee shop for breakfast, from there to the nearest pharmacy to restock my supplies and feeling brave I sought out a little shoe shop just off the main square and made a new investment…nice soft walking shoes/runners in a larger size than I would normally choose! Would my new plan work or am I just grasping at straws?

Footwear take 2 – They will see me coming

Back at the hotel the recovery continued. Hubby would get here in just a few hours and we would have tomorrow for me to to continue to rest and for him to take a break after a week of walking and over 140kms covered.

Our final day in Tomar and it was time to break out these puppies! The power our bodies have to heal is extraordinary and my wounds after just 2+ days of rest were almost fully recovered. I decided to try a day of strolling in the new shoes to see if my plan worked.

Tomar is a stunning Knights Templar town, dominated by the Castle/Convent on top of the large hill in the heart of the city. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and not to be missed if ever you visit this part of the world.

Templar Castle – Tomar

So after a leisurely breakfast myself and the other two musketeers pointed ourselves uphill and climbed the steep, stepped path to the summit. It was worth the effort, we got to explore this extraordinary place and put my feet and shoes to the test.

Later back down in the village we surfed from cafe to cafe for an hour or two, made a trip to the post office to post my boots home and then adjourned to the local medieval tavern for their €5 three course pilgrim menu, a vegan feast of soup, rice and veggies with nuts and a piece of fruit. Including drinks our 3 course meal for 3 came to the princely sum of €21 and change.

Pilgrim menu

And so the decision has been made, tomorrow we walk. I am nervous but excited to be returning to the Camino. Let the adventures continue….hopefully blister free from now on!

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  1. Sue & Mike
    Sue & Mike June 12, 2018 at 2:59 pm | | Reply

    So pleased to hear that your rest has paid big dividends and it sounds like your new shoes will work a treat.
    Happy walking

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous June 11, 2018 at 1:49 am | | Reply

    Just catching up with you (Sunday pm here).
    So happy to hear you are trekking again!
    Happy feet will travel! So happy Christof is doing well!
    Lovely path! Great photos! May the bright orange bring you lots of luck!

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